Best Meal Delivery Diets for Weight Loss | 2024 Update

An astounding 1.9 billion adults were classified as being overweight in 2016, with a whopping 650 million of them being considered obese [1].

Dieting can be a struggle for many.

It seems every New Year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get into shape. However, very few successfully do so. Then, they find themselves making the same resolution all over again. Losing weight seems like a pipe dream for many.

While losing weight is certainly not easy, it’s not an impossible task. To succeed in losing weight, you need to maintain consistency with your approach. This is generally why people look to diet programs for assistance. By having a program you can follow, you’ll give yourself a better chance at success.

However, there are so many weight loss programs out there to choose from. Knowing which programs are worth following and which programs aren’t is just as difficult as following them.

This article will help you cut through the noise to pinpoint the best meal delivery weight loss program for you.

1. Nutrisystem


a Nutrisystem hamburger with fresh vegetables added

Nutrisystem is one of the weight loss programs that’s been around for a long time. Because of this, it has a lot of success stories. Nutrisystem’s motto is “proven weight loss, powered by science [2].”

They live up to the claim too.

The entire diet is designed to keep your blood sugar levels in check. This helps to minimize hunger spikes and cravings. One of the main reasons people fail with their dieting efforts has to do with caving into hunger cravings.

By maintaining steady and balanced blood sugar levels throughout the day, you don’t get those same urges to munch that you would otherwise.

What You Get

  • Fully Prepped Meals Delivered To Your Door

One of the selling points of the Nutrisystem program is that its “weight loss made easy.” With Nutrisystem, you are buying into a comprehensive weight loss program that is designed to make losing weight systematically.

With their diet, you get fully prepared meals that have been perfectly portioned to help you lose weight. These meals are specially curated and balanced to ensure you are getting a comprehensive diet that promotes healthy weight loss.

  • NuMi App

You will be able to download and use the NuMi app. This is an app that is designed to help you track your progress and maintain the motivation you need to reach your weight loss goals. Having a companion app makes the Nutrisystem program easy to follow and easy to stick to.

  • Price Range: Starting at $8.56 per day up to $13.21 per day.


  • Fewer Restrictions

Another big reason a lot of people end up failing to follow their weight loss program is that they are so restrictive.

  • Huge Menu Selection¬†

With Nutrisystem, you’ll get to choose the food that you eat. This is important for sustainability. Many fail to adhere to a diet consistently enough because the diet is primarily based on restrictions. With Nutrisystem, you get to choose what your diet consists of with plenty of diverse ingredients.

Likewise, you get foods to satisfy your sweet tooth which can keep you from reaching for that box of cookies that used to get you in trouble.

2. Diet To Go

a diet to go meal of salmon and asparagus

Diet To Go is a comprehensive weight loss solution for those looking for an easy-to-follow weight loss program. With Diet To Go, you get a personalized menu with freshly cooked meals prepped by actual chefs.

These meals are delivered ready-to-eat which means you spend more time focused on your goals rather than cooking. Each meal can be heated up in as little as 2 to 3 minutes.

What You Get

  • Personalized Menu

With Diet To Go, you get a complete personalized menu that will feature some of your favorite meals. These meals will include a range of ingredients to ensure you are getting optimal nutrition.

  • Fresh Delivery and Ready To Eat Preparation

All of the meals are prepared at the chef’s kitchen and sent fresh to your door. No worrying about eating food that tastes stale. Likewise, all of the meals are ready to heat and serve.

  • Price Range: About $20.40 per day.


  • Customized Menu

One of the things that hold a lot of people back from reaching their weight loss goals is having to put a lot of effort into creating a diverse menu that keeps them interested.

Unfortunately, a lot of dieters fall into the trap of having the same meal over and over again. This boredom can get you in trouble. It’s not practical to eat the same foods over and over and expect to maintain the motivation needed to reach your goals.

With Diet To Go, you get a personalized and customized meal plan that delivers fresh and ready-to-eat meals to your door.

  • Save Time

As mentioned, with Diet To Go, you’re getting all of your meals fully prepped and ready to heat up. This means you’ll save a lot of time not having to source ingredients and prepare the meals yourself.

3. BistroMD

a bistromd meal with chicken, carrots, and pasta

BistroMD is a weight loss program that promises to make it easier to lose weight. The programs designed by BistroMD are created using a proven scientific formula.

They describe their diet program as a “diet delivery program without the sacrifice [3].”

You will get over 150 doctor-designed prepared meals to choose from and they will be delivered right to your door.

What You Get

  • Choose Your Plan

With BistroMD, you’ll get to choose your weight loss plan. You can choose from over 150 different chef-prepared meals that are ready to eat in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Make It Your Own

With BistroMD, you get to make it your own by customizing your weight loss program. You can create your custom diet program that will be optimized to help you with your weight loss goals.

The registered dieticians working for BistroMD will go through and curate a program that takes into account your preferences and your goals.

With the BistroMD portal, you’ll have access to choosing which meals you want every week. This can ensure that you are never without a meal that can keep you on track towards reaching your goals.

  • Snack Program

BistroMD has an optional snack program called EATS. This program is meant to help those that need something to keep the cravings down during the mid-day period when a lot of people fall into the trap of eating empty calories.

  • Price Range: $128 for 5-day and $150 for a 7-day program.


  • Doctor-Designed Meals

When you order from BistroMD, you’re getting meals that have been curated by registered dieticians and developed by doctors. Because of this, you are getting meals that are not only healthy but that are optimized to help you lose weight. The science behind BistroMD is to consume meals that keep your metabolism churning.

All of the meals provide you with the calories you need, but also the right amount of macronutrients to keep your body primed to burn fat at a high rate.

  • Community Access

There is a lot of evidence that shows how important social support is to achieving weight loss objectives.

BistroMD is fully aware of this and they’ve designed the program to include community access where you can get the support and engagement you need from other like-minded people.

You’ll be able to share your successes and hardships which can help you get the accountability and support you need to keep going.

4. Atkins

a selection of atkins meal replacement bars, shakes and snacks

The Atkins diet is a well-known weight loss program. Atkins is a low carbohydrate diet. The diet is meant to help you limit your carbohydrate intake which can get your body into a better fat-burning state. Your body is used to converting carbohydrates into glucose for energy.

When you reduce your body’s consumption of carbohydrates and glucose for energy, it’s forced to turn to your fat stores for energy. Thus, it helps you burn fat for energy. The Atkins diet will have you take a quiz to figure out which plan is right for you.

These plans will include everything from snacks to shakes to full-blown frozen meals. From there, it’ll teach you what you should and shouldn’t be eating. Then, you’ll get an example meal plan that you can follow and you’ll be able to use the Atkins app and other tools to track and monitor your progress.

What You Get

  • Choose The Right Plan

Atkins has three different plans that you can choose from. These plans include; Atkins 20, Atkins 40, and Atkins 100. Each one of these plans is meant to be tailored to those with different goals. The Atkins 20 is meant for those who are looking to lose more than 40 pounds. Whereas, the Atkins 40 is meant for those looking to lose less than 40 pounds. The Atkins 100 is meant for the looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to maintain their current weight through a low-carb diet.

  • Recipes

Atkins will give you access to over 1,600 recipes to choose from. Maintaining a low-carb diet can be difficult. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of recipes that you can try out. Atkins makes it easy with 1,600 easy-to-follow recipes.

  • Atkins Products

You’ll be able to choose from all kinds of different Atkins products that are designed to keep you on track. These products range from frozen meals to snacks and shakes.

  • Tools

Atkins has a lot of tools that can keep you on track and inching towards your weight loss goals. They have tools that include meal plans, carb counters, community discussion boards, and more. Atkins will not leave you wishing you had more tools for your weight loss journey.

  • Price Range: Expect to pay around $100 a week.


  • The Original Keto Diet

There is a lot of research that shows how effective the Keto diet can be for those looking to lose weight [4]. It’s simply a diet that produces results. Because of this, it can be a great option for those looking to follow a Keto-style diet that is perfectly laid out for them.

  • Low Carb Products

One of the biggest problems a lot of people run into when they are trying to follow and maintain a low carbohydrate diet is the lack of snacks and other foods they can consume.

The fact is, following a low carbohydrate diet can be very difficult. It’s a restrictive diet that can be increasingly difficult to sustain.

However, Atkins makes it much easier by offering a lot of low-carbohydrate products that you can get. This can make it much easier to adhere to such a restrictive diet because they have a lot of variety to choose from.

5. Optavia

an OPTAVIA meal alongside some of their drinks and snacks

Optavia is a weight loss system that is designed to be easy to follow. It’s also designed to give you the support and guidance you need to reach your weight loss goals. It’s a program that is systematically designed to help you every step of the way with meal plans to keep you covered to coaching to keep you motivated.

What You Get:

– A Proven Weight Loss Plan With Convenient and Ready To Eat Meals

With Optavia, you get a weight loss plan that will deliver you smaller portioned meals to ensure you are keeping your body primed for optimal weight loss.


Having your body fueled is the only way to keep it from entering starvation and energy conservation mode. This can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts.

Optavia avoids that by encouraging you to eat smaller and properly portioned meals throughout the day.

  • Coaching

One of the main problems with a lot of weight loss programs is that they leave you on your own. Many people struggle to keep themselves on the right path. Some may not know what to do and some may need added motivation. Losing weight is a journey and going on any journey alone can be lonely.

Optavia solves this by delivering you independent coaching that will help to answer questions, motivate you, and inspire you throughout your weight loss journey.

  • Price Range: $13 to $15 per day.


  • Balanced Meals

With Optavia, you can tell they put a lot of thought and effort into their meal plan. You’re getting some of the most nutrient-dense foods that will keep your body adequately fueled and primed for fat burn.

  • Accountability Through Coaching

As mentioned, Optavia gives you the extra push you need by adding accountability into the mix. With Optavia coaches, you’ll have much greater accountability and support throughout your journey.

Tips For Picking The Best Diet Delivery for You

  • What’s Your Budget?

One of the key things you should be looking at when choosing is your budget. Some of the weight loss programs will be higher priced than others.

  • Pick a Diet That Suits Your Needs & Lifestyle

You need to do some self-reflection and figure out what you need to reach your goals. Some need a community or a coach to motivate themselves. Whereas, some may only need a plan that they can follow. Does meal prep get in the way of eating healthy? These are the things to figure out to pinpoint the right plan.

  • Do You Want a Restrictive Diet?

Some will thrive with a restrictive diet like the low-carb diet that Atkin’s promotes. However, a lot of people will fall off the wagon if they were forced to avoid certain foods. Figure out if you fall in the former or the latter category.

What About Meal Delivery Services for Special Diets?

If you have special dietary needs, there may be a service available for you as well. Many of the diets on our list offer special diet plans.

For example, Nutrisystem has a special dietetic plan as well as a vegetarian option.

BistroMD offers a gluten free menu, diabetic friendly program, and even a menopause meal plan.

Diet-to-Go also has vegetarian and a diabetes-friendly option, as well as a keto based meal plan. So as you can see, if you’re looking for weight meals for special diets that can be delivered right to your door, there’s a good chance that there is a great option out there for you.


As you can see, choosing the right diet can play an integral role in your weight loss journey. If you choose the right one, you can boost your chances of success.

If you are looking for the most affordable and comprehensive option, Nutrisystem is a great choice. It offers everything you could want in a weight loss program including convenience, weight loss tracking, and customization to keep you on track and interested.