BistroMD Complaints: What Are the Bad Reviews Saying?

Trying to lose weight? Who isn’t right? Achieving weight loss can be a struggle. With the right weight loss program, the task can be made easier. After all, prepping and cooking healthy meals is typically one of the biggest hurdles for those who have busy lives.

Luckily, there are countless weight loss delivery companies out there you can count on. The problem is, which one do you pick?

While the features and the benefits listed on all of the various sites will sell you the dream, the reviews and the complaints made against the company can give you the real information you need.

By analyzing what people are saying about the weight loss program, you can get a better idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for your journey.

If you’re looking for BistroMD complaints, you’ve come to the right place. Here is some information you can use to make a well-informed decision as to whether or not BistroMD is the right program for you.

Top 8 Common BistroMD Complaints


three fresh made bistromd meals over a grey background

1. Taste

A lot of the complaints you’ll find listed on the Consumer Affairs website mention the poor taste of the meals. Unfortunately, a lot of people that have tried BistroMD were unsatisfied with the overall taste and flavor of the presented meals.

One review goes on to state a bagel they ate “tasted like cardboard.” Another review noted how they couldn’t believe the “horrible food [BistroMD] sends out.”

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It’s important to keep in mind that taste is subjective. Likewise, if the food was overcooked and the customer didn’t follow the instructions, it could alter the taste negatively.

However, there is no doubting that a lot of customers had poor experiences with the taste of their meals.

2. Price (Too Expensive)

Another common theme you will notice when scouring through the various BistroMD reviews would be the excessive price. A lot of people submitted through their reviews that the food was overpriced for what it was.

One reviewer called BistroMD’s meals “overpriced TV dinners.” Another person spoke about how they were overcharged more than they were expecting to pay.

They even said they had to fight with the billing department to try to get it corrected. While BistroMD’s price is certainly not the cheapest available, it’s also not overly expensive compared to the competition.

However, there is no doubting that a lot of people felt as though they didn’t get adequate value for the price they did pay.

3. Customer Service

There was a seemingly satisfied customer in the review section that had nothing but good things to say about the food. They noted they’d been on the program for 6 months and had successfully lost weight.

However, whenever they communicated with customer service, all they heard from them was “no” according to their review. They asked about whether or not they could alter their meals instead of eating the same thing over and over.

The answer was always “no.”

According to this customer, BistroMD doesn’t adhere to the common adage “the customer is always right.” While this is only a single customer’s experience, it speaks volumes that a seemingly satisfied customer would go to such great lengths to detail their poor experience with the company.

When you are signing up for any kind of weight loss and meal delivery program, you’re likely going to want to do so with a company that you know has good customer service.

Otherwise, you will likely have a very poor customer experience. If you value customer service, BistroMD might not be your best bet if this customer’s experience is anything to go by.

4. Poor Quality Assurance

There are numerous instances where reviews on Consumer Affairs complained about the quality control of the company. Not only did some reviewers get sent “damaged” meals, but they also noted that in one shipment “not a single meal was sealed.”

This is inexcusable when you are in the food delivery business. Not only is it unsanitary to deliver open food, but it’s incredibly unsafe too.

Any meal delivery program needs to have strict quality control standards. Otherwise, you risk getting your customers sick. If these reviewers are anything to go by, you cannot expect to have this type of quality assurance which could lead you elsewhere.

5. Late Shipments

This one is hard to pin all on BistroMD, but it has to be noted. There were a variety of reviewers who mentioned they did not receive their shipments on time. They noted that deliveries wouldn’t take up to “8 days to ship from Indiana to Wisconsin” via FedEx.

This isn’t something that you should be basing your purchasing decision on, but it’s good to know. If FedEx is unreliable in your area, it may be worth considering alternative options.

However, you may be in an area where FedEx is the best option. Thus, you want to think about your situation when you are weighing the likelihood of late shipments and how much of a negative experience it would be for you.

6. Frozen Food

One of the biggest things you will notice when you are searching through the various reviews is how many people complained about the food tasting frozen and unfresh. With there being so many good food delivery services out there, this isn’t a good thing.

Consumers have much more choice than ever before. You could realistically pay the same price (if not cheaper) and get fresh weight loss meals delivered right to your door.

If you are someone that doesn’t want to pay for frozen meals that taste like it, you may want to look elsewhere as per the reviewers. Some even mentioned that the food was never cooked evenly.

This is a byproduct of the meals being frozen and it’s something worth noting.

7. Not Enough Choice

There have been numerous complaints about the lack of choice. Not only do they not have a wide variety of options to choose from, especially if you have a specialty diet, but also they don’t send you the meals you choose.

According to some reviewers, they send out random meals without noting what you ordered. This could lead you to have to eat meals you don’t even like.

If it’s true, it’s unacceptable for a meal delivery service. Each customer should get exactly what they ordered.

8. Back Packaging

This is a big one, especially for a meal delivery service. If you are going to be sending out frozen meals, they need to stay frozen for the duration of the shipment.

Because of this, these companies will typically use freeze-dried ice or something else. However, a lot of customers have noted that they were sent poorly insulated food.

The boxes didn’t have enough insulation and the food arrived melted and rotten. This is not a good idea for a service that sells primarily meals with meat that can go bad very quickly.

While this isn’t something that happens with every customer, even one bad shipment can leave you extremely sick. It’s unacceptable to have this type of poor quality control.

What’s Good About BistroMD?

1. Easy Cancelation

One of the main things people have noted that they ended up liking about BistroMD is how they didn’t make you jump through too many hoops to cancel the plan. A lot of companies will try to lock you into their subscription and force you to have to jump through many hoops just to cancel.

BistroMD isn’t a company that is going to do this which makes it much easier to justify recommending them.

2. Flexible Plans

A lot of customers noted how they do have a lot of flexibility in their plans. This is very valuable for a customer that doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands.

They have a full-week program, a 5-day program, and the ability to customize the program to your individual needs. Not everyone’s situation is the same.

BistroMD knows this and they’ve created a custom program that you can use to get the optimal plan for your budget and dietary needs.

3. Weight Loss Success

A lot of people have successfully lost weight using BistroMD. People have mentioned their success in the reviews. Therefore, you have a lot of positive testimonials of people’s ability to leverage the program to lose weight.

However, one review did mention people probably lose weight because the “food is inedible.”


While these negative reviews may paint a bad picture, there is much more to the story. The complaints about a company will tell you a lot as a customer.

Likewise, how the company responds to these complaints will tell even more. BistroMD certainly has its fair share of customer complaints.

In total, they have 77 reviews with a 2.4 out of 5-star rating on the Consumer Affairs website [1]. This isn’t the best rating, but it’s to be expected. In general, more people will take to a review website if they have a poor experience.

Because of this, you should look at the plan and perhaps even give it a try before making a judgment solely based on the reviews.