Diet to Go Complaints: What Are The Bad Reviews Saying?

Unless you haven’t tried Diet to Go services before, you think that this is a good site to visit whenever you want to stick to a healthy diet. Their customers are mostly athletes and people looking to improve their lifestyle by eating the correct meals. When you check different online reviews, you’ll find that most of their customers are satisfied with their prices.

In this examination of the top Diet to Go complaints, you’ll discover what customers are really saying out there.

Our team has gathered testimonials from various websites including, ConsumerAffairs, Yelp, and Healthline. These reviews reveal some of the biggest complaints about customer service, product quality, effectiveness, and taste.

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We can all agree that no business is perfect.

Stay tuned as we go through some of the red flags that you might find. It will help determine whether these are deal-breakers or not.

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Top 7 Customer Complaints About Diet to Go


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1. Poor Customer Service

Customer Service and Live Chat hours are NOT available 24/7. This is another weak area for this meal delivery service.

A customer submitted two questions to Diet to Go’s customer support team through the contact submission form. Although she received an automatic email saying “thanks for contacting us”, she never heard from them again. It was pretty frustrating, particularly because it states on the company contact page that it’s “providing extended email hours.”

The customer admits that there was a time she asked whether she could heat her meals in the oven. Luckily, she was able to quickly access this info on the site. And this wasn’t a big deal for her.

The second time she sent a message, it was because she needed clarity on whether her “hold request” on her next box had been submitted.

The third and last time that she tried to contact Diet-to-Go was to cancel her plan since she realized she had no luck with the online support. She had already given the 1-800 number a try. She hit option one for Online Support, then confirmed her address with a lady named Joan. In less than two minutes, her plan was canceled.

The client said that although this was convenient in a certain way, she found it awkward that it was so hard to get help when she actually needed to keep the plan. She added that it’s also a missed opportunity for them not to ask why she wanted to cancel, in order to get some feedback on the product. Sadly, more effort isn’t put into this area.

Another customer had several complaints after trying this meal plan. She reported that they’re bland and usually offer you chicken almost daily when you allow the “chef ” to choose.

They never send you a reminder email or inform you on what your meals will be, and so you get stuck with more chicken. If you want to call to cancel, you should call on a Monday. Otherwise, you’ll still pay for the meals they’ll deliver on Friday of that particular week. Apparently, it’s a desperate company!

The meals made the customer nauseous and she experienced abdominal cramping and even diarrhea. Now, she swears she wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. They have terrible customer service and poor quality. She threw the meals out since she thinks they were somehow tainted.

Her final complaint was that several meals were not sealed correctly and leaked into the box.

2. Website Isn’t Easy-To-Use

A good website should be user-friendly. Some Diet to Go customers reported having difficulties using the website. One particular client complained that the company completely got his order wrong, and he had to cancel.

Rather than low-carb lunch and dinner, he got low-fat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they didn’t send him a Fed Ex tracking number. Then, he decided to contact the support team.

He soon realized that customer service is NOT always available. They’re open until 8 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays. No matter if it’s working hours, you’ll need to leave a message for a callback. So, when customer service responded to the client, they told him that they did nothing wrong. The customer felt offended because he believes that he was treated unprofessionally.

Now mind you, Diet to Go offers 3 different meal plans. To choose low carb meals you’ll click the button on the left, and to choose traditional low-fat meals (which is what he received) you click on the right. The customer has no doubt which button he clicked!

He also added that you cannot view what you order once you order it. And although an email confirmation does consist of a link to your invoice, clicking on that link redirects you to a page on their site that says ‘Access Denied’. Their website has a My Account tab, but the only information it comprises is how long you have been a member. And is seriously ridiculous!

As for their meals, their lunches are often sandwiches that would only taste delicious if they were baked. It can be unfortunate if you don’t have access to an oven. According to the client, the food is pretty good. However, he estimates that he’s paying $10 per meal when it comes to delivery. Which would have been a considerable offer for him for no grocery shopping, clean up, or cooking. But he said that he can’t justify spending his $10 for a lunch that comprises soggy bread and a small side.

He would rather visit Central Market and purchase freshly prepared foods from their deli for about $8-$10 and then freeze them. The client went on to say that their meals are not that healthy. The issue was that they use corn syrup rich in fructose, other added sugars, and many chemicals. And this is in their low-fat plan.

3. Complaints About Reheating

Some customers think that the company needs to improve the reheating directions. Directions for reheating seem to be an issue since most of my packages have little to no instructions. For instance, they might tell you to heat your meal to 160 degrees and you’ll have to keep reheating in the microwave to get it hot. Although the packaging provides lots of information about the ingredients, it generally does not have straightforward, ACCURATE heating directions. Some people have found this to be unacceptable and have stopped their deliveries.

4. Pricing

Once you change your plan, the Diet to Go system will automatically calculate the price per meal and the price per week, depending on your selections. This is pretty helpful!

However, when it comes to how many meals you would like to be delivered weekly and whether you’d like to consume 1,200 or 1,600 calories daily (this option isn’t available on every plan). Typically, you may expect to spend around $10 to $14 per meal. Incorporating breakfast into the plan increases the cost by roughly $25, or around $5 for each breakfast dish. The costs do vary between plans (Balance, KetoCarb30, Vegetarian, Balance-Diabetes), but not by much.

A client realized that his receipt was slightly over $3 more than the weekly base price listed on his account. He doesn’t remember seeing any kind of indication that he was exceeding this cost when he ordered. Every time he visited the website, he noticed that there was often some kind of promotion going on. It may include free shipping or a specific discount that will automatically be applied.

Shipping may also be quite expensive. It’s roughly $20 a week. The good news is that there is also the choice for fresh local pick up in 200+ locations.

5. Delivery Issues

Delivery isn’t a major concern with Diet to Go. However, there was one client who raised a complaint. He thought he had placed an order, but he wasn’t entirely sure because he hadn’t received a confirmation email. Several days later, he received a mysterious text claiming that FedEx had already picked up a package for delivery. This was his delivery!

The issue is that you can’t pick your delivery day. It’s likely a result of this company’s strict five-week menu cycle. Diet to Go has undoubtedly streamlined that aspect of its business model.

The customer’s meals were delivered slightly after 11 am. He actually thinks this was highly convenient because he was at home on that day and was able to put them into the fridge and freezer immediately. He also thinks that it was nice that the package was delivered to his doorstep, although he lives in a small apartment building.

It’s worth noting that Diet to Go foods are usually packaged in secure containers and then delivered to customers’ doorsteps. That said, it’s recommended that customers stick them into the freezer or refrigerator straight away to ensure they remain fresh and fully preserved.

6. Unboxing & Packaging Complaints

Since Diet to Go includes a ton of ice when packaging, everything remains rock solid. Nonetheless, one of the issues clients complain about is the giant styrofoam container that they use to pack in everything. It’s difficult to recycle, and so not environmentally friendly.

A person who received 15 boxes found it to be a bit overwhelming. Since all of the packaging looked the same, it was hard for him to separate them by meal and then organize everything. What’s more, the names on a few boxes did not match the names on his receipt. Therefore, it took him a while to ensure that his order was even correct.

There’s a woman who has been an on-and-off Diet to go customer over the years. She claims that the packaging of their meals is a real problem. For some time now, she has received a couple of meal shipments containing opened food trays.

The plastic film did not seal correctly, and food liquids were leaking all over the place. She also received packaging with huge cracks down the side.

Her cream-based turkey salad was leaking liquids. It was messy and unsanitary!

7. Favorite Meals & Taste

A particular customer said that although he didn’t like any of the meals he tried, there were moments when he otherwise would’ve skipped lunch or even spend lots of money ordering takeout.

\As such, he did appreciate having this as an option. For this customer, he was not seeking a weight loss solution, which is what most of Diet-to-Go’s customers are.

But he can see how getting all three meals there daily can take off the pressure what’s usually a time-consuming and stressful endeavor.

He also claims that he doesn’t normally eat breakfast, and when he does it’s only a piece of toast or some yogurt. He’s not used to eating certain things like sausage patties or omelets. He appreciates having the option of a larger meal with such minimal effort. That being said, he felt they generally tasted pretty processed and not flavorful. In fact, he said they taste like airplane food.

And since he doesn’t own a microwave, he found it to be discouraging that everything needed to be thawed and heated in an oven. He reported that almost all the foods he tried seemed bland – including foods like the Indian Turkey Tenderloin topped with Red Pepper Yogurt Sauce. You’d probably think this would be well-seasoned and very tasty.

Most of the vegetables had a watery taste to him. He went on to say that if it was a blind taste test he likely wouldn’t guess correctly what they were. He was also discouraged that the proteins (he usually chose either salmon or chicken) tended to be on the dry side.

There was also another client who said that trying Diet to Go was a complete waste of money! They had terrible food, and she couldn’t eat any of their lunches or dinners. She believes that it wasn’t healthy either. She insisted that there are other options available out there that are far better.

Final Thoughts

We can all acknowledge Diet-to-Go’s negative reviews, but we also know that personal taste varies. Besides, sustaining a healthy lifestyle is NOT the same for everyone. If you judge solely based on all the reviews, the company rates pretty well.