Factor Meals Complaints: The Top 9 Bad Reviews

Factor is a healthy meal delivery service that is said to make “eating optimally” both accessible and tasty. It works by allowing you to choose your favorite recipes from a menu that’s updated weekly.

You can also give Factor’s team full control over your menu based on specified meal preferences you have and your order history. Then, you have your meals cooked by professional and experienced chefs using only fresh ingredients. Your meal is then quickly delivered to your home without ever having to be frozen.

From there, you get to pop the meals directly into the oven or microwave and enjoy delicious and healthy meals conveniently. If you’re shopping for meal delivery plans to eat healthier and lose weight, Factor is certainly a worthy option.

However, these meal delivery companies make all of these promises in their marketing material. As a consumer, you want to know whether or not these promises are real or fabricated.

Luckily, consumers have more information than ever before. However, that information is spread out and difficult to access.

By the end of this article, you will have enough information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not Factor is the right meal delivery program for you.

9 Biggest Complaints About Factor Meals


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1. Price

This is a common theme you’ll find when looking at meal delivery services. These services tend to be very expensive if you’re relying on them consistently.

While a lot of them do offer you new customer discounts, you generally start to notice how pricey they can be on your second, third, and subsequent orders. Factor is certainly one of the services that have a lot of complaints about the price.

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One customer on Trust Pilot claimed, “Factor is both expensive and disgusting.” The good news is, that Factor does a good job of responding to feedback on the site. This is a rarity when it comes to meal delivery services.

However, it doesn’t change the fact a lot of the customers on Trust Pilot thought they weren’t getting sufficient value for their money.

2. Customer Service

One of the things you don’t want to see when you are looking at various meal delivery services is a lack of quality customer service. When you are buying any kind of food whether at a restaurant or through meal delivery, you’ll want quality customer service to go along with it.

There are undoubtedly going to be things that go wrong with a shipment or order. Because of this, you want a company that stands behind its product to ensure its customers are getting issues handled efficiently.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s the case with Factor. Numerous complaints on Trust Pilot indicate how poor the customer service was during their experience.

One customer noted that they called to complain their meals didn’t get delivered and the customer service associated made no attempt to make things right.

3. Some Complained of Food Poisoning

Something that’s truly unacceptable when you are ordering meal delivery service is a lack of quality control as it relates to the food being safe to eat. No one wants to order from a meal delivery service that is going to make them sick.

While there is a lot that is out of control, these companies need to make a concerted effort to minimize the risks. There have been numerous reports on Trust Pilot and even Reddit showing people getting sick from ricotta meatballs and some of the other meals they’ve ordered.

The customer service did respond to these reports on Trust Pilot indicating they “take these matters very seriously.”

4. Reliability

There have been a lot of reports from customers on Trust Pilot that the meal delivery service was sporadic. This isn’t something that you want to see when you are relying on the service for your weekly meal plan.

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After all, if the meals aren’t delivered on time, you could find yourself having to go out on an unexpected grocery trip. Likewise, it could put a dent in your week’s plans because you have to spend time prepping meals yourself.

The reliability is something that could turn you away from a meal delivery service because you’re paying them for the convenience factor.

If they aren’t reliable, they won’t be convenient. Some of this is out of their hands, but it’s their responsibility to hire a delivery company that is going to deliver meals promptly and consistently on time.

5. Menu Needs More Diversity

While there weren’t too many people complaining about the diversity of the menu, there was enough to make it a key point. Some of the customers indicated the meals lacked diversity and the majority of them included chicken.

This isn’t ideal if you don’t like chicken and it’s certainly not ideal if you have specific dietary restrictions. Having a lack of options is something that can get on your nerves the more you use the service.

No one wants to have to eat the same types of meals over and over.

6. Poor Packaging

A lot of people have indicated the food was tasty. However, even those that enjoy the taste of the food have noted how inconsistent it was because of the poor packaging.

Some indicated they constantly received food that was opened during transit because of the lack of quality packaging and the poor packaging design.

A meal delivery service needs to be on-point when it comes to packaging design due to the nature of the business. After all, their food is going to have to travel long distances and withstand a lot of wear and tear from shipping.

Thus, they need to do a better job of ensuring their packaging is capable of holding up to the rigors of transit.

7. Billing Issues

There have been a lot of reports that the billing department was a major issue. Some indicated they were continually being charged after they’d canceled and some indicated they never received the meals yet were still charged.

Billing is something no one wants to have an issue with as a customer. These issues do happen. Because of this, you want to ensure you are buying from a company that stands by its customers to properly address these problems head-on.

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Unfortunately, having billing problems with a company that displays poor customer service is a big hassle and one you would probably like to avoid, but Factor did respond to the complaints we saw and they seemed committed to rectifying the reported issues.

8. Wrong Orders

There is another common complaint on Trust Pilot that you will find which is customers getting sent the wrong order. One reviewer even went on to say their “order was wrong.”

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your meals delivered only to find out that the meal you were looking forward to trying is incorrect.

These things happen on occasion and it’s no reason to eliminate a meal delivery service from consideration. However, they can’t happen consistently.

Like the other complaints, Factor’s customer service did reply to these indicating they take the matter seriously and that they would reach out for further assistance on the matter.

9. Inconsistent Quality

Another thing to note is the lack of consistency in regards to the quality. While a lot of the reviews indicate the food tastes great and cooks evenly, there are still enough bad reviews that indicate the consistency is lacking.

One customer indicated their “food in the past was great” but their next delivery “arrived mushy and burnt.” Paying a lot of money for a meal delivery service only to have inconsistent quality can be frustrating. The company needs to do better about prepping and shipping out quality meals more consistently.

A customer that has a poor experience in regards to consistency isn’t likely to come back. Once they have a bad experience, that “taste” isn’t going to leave their mouth anytime soon.

Like other negative reviews, Factor did a good job responding to these complaints and made it clear they will be working diligently to ensure the problems of inconsistency are addressed and that the customer will no longer have these issues moving forward.

They mentioned they will be reviewing procedures and passing the information along to the chefs and the kitchen team.


While Factor certainly has its fair share of bad reviews, you will find the majority of the reviews on Trust Pilot are positive. This is always a pleasant sign when you are shopping around for a meal delivery service.

They have a total of 22,572 reviews as of this article and have amassed a 4.3/5 rating on it. This is an excellent rating for so many reviews and it should inspire confidence if you do decide to go ahead and order from them.

Ideally, you want to order from a company with no complaints. However, every company will have customers having bad experiences.

What matters most is how the company responds to those complaints.

Factor looks like a company that takes its reputation very seriously and they do a good job of responding to anyone that has a negative experience with them.

In fact, according to Trust Pilot, they’ve responded to 92% of all negative reviews [1].


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