Factor Meals Cost: How Much per Meal in 2024?

Factor Meals are some of the best in the meal delivery diet business, but how much do they really cost and are they worth the price?

We’d say yes, there’s a ton of value considering how fresh their meals are, how well they work for weight loss, and how easy they are to make.

While that’s our opinion, below we’ll share the full Factor pricing details, and then you can decide if they’re a good value for what you’re looking for in meal delivery diet service.

Factor Cost per Meal, Week and Month for 2023


some factor 75 meals

Factor is currently offering a discount that lock in $90 off over your first three orders, or $30 off per order, these prices include that discount:

  • 4 Meals per Week: $15 per Meal / $60 per Week / $240 per Month
  • 6 Meals per Week: $12.83 per Meal / $76.98 per Week / $307.92 per Month
  • 8 Meals per Week: $12.38 per Meal / $99.04 per Week / $396.16 per Month
  • 12 Meals per Week: $11.50 per Meal / $138 per Week / $552 per Month
  • 18 Meals per Week: $11.00 per Meal / $198 per Week / $792 per Month

As you can see, you get an additional discount if you commit to more Factor meals per week. These prices change frequently, so check the Factor website below to connect with their latest deals and pricing:

Factor Add Ons Price

Once you’ve joined, and are ready to select your meals for the week, you will have the opportunity to add additional items to your order. These are mostly snack type foods and they have a great selection of smoothies as well.

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There isn’t a set price for these items but expect to pay somewhere between $10 and $25 per add-on. Many of them come in bundles, so that will impact the price as well.

How Much Does Factor Nutrition Coaching Cost?

a woman works with her health coach

In addition to their meal delivery service, Factor also offers Nutrition Coaching from a team of registered dietitians.

They have several options to pick from, including a free 20-minute consult where they will help you create a personalized nutrition plan.

If you decide you could benefit from more intensive coaching sessions, here are the plans they currently offer and their pricing details:

1-Month Coaching Package

  • Price: $139.99 per Month

3-Month Coaching Package

  • Price: $99 per Month

You can save $30 per month if you opt for the 3-Month coaching package – here’s what you get access to with both coaching packages:

  • Personal Wellness Coach
  • Digital Diet Dashboard
  • 1 to 3 Months of One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Virtual Food Log

How Do You Cancel or Turn off Your Factor Subscription

If you decide you no longer want or need Factor meals, canceling your service is very easy. It’s important to note that you can’t cancel an order that has already been processes and/or shipped.

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Factor orders are processed at a weekly cutoff time of 11:59 pm CT on Wednesdays, for orders that are shipped the following week. If you want to cancel make sure you do so before this cutoff day and time to avoid being billed.

You can turn your subscription back on at any time, or they also offer ordering on demand, which allows you order meals without a subscription.

Can You Skip a Delivery?

Yes, Factor allows you to skip a delivery. That means if you’re going to out of town for work or vacation, or you just don’t need their meals for a certain week or period of time, there is a button in the My Orders section that says “Skip.”

Click the skip button and you can skip it forward to the next week when you like your deliveries to resume.

Save Money with Factor Freebies

Once you’ve joined you’ll see something called Factor Freebies. These are free meals that you can earn when you reach certain milestones as a Factor Customer. They are worth $60 and can be shared with friends or family members who have never been Factor members before.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Factor’s standard shipping price is $9.99 per shipment, unless they happen to offering a free shipping discount when you sign up. The Factor meals are never frozen, which keeps their freshness at a premium.

To ensure that they stay cool and fresh they are shipped in insulated boxes with gel packs that will keep your meals at refrigerated temps.

It’s normal to expect some gel pack melting by the time they get to your door.

Money-Back Guarantee?

If you’re unhappy with your Factor meals or add-ons, or something else went wrong, you can call their customer service number at 888-573-5727 to work out a resolution.

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Factors meals can be purchased for as little as $11 per meal, or in some cases even less depending on the promo they’re currently offering.

You can save money by purchasing more of their meals every week, and you can cancel your subscription at any time, just make sure you cancel before their cut off deadline which we outlined above.

In our opinion, Factor Meals are some of the best in the meal delivery diet business, and there is a ton of value here for their price per meal.

At last check you could save $90 over your first three shipments – learn more and see current Factor Pricing below: