Nutrisystem Cost per Month, Week, and Meal in 2024


Nutrisystem Pricing Highlights

Nutrisystem typically starts at less than $9.99 per day, and offers the largest menu in the industry, on demand coaching, and a plan that is safe and easy to follow. 


Joining Nutrisystem may seem like an easy decision, until you see how much it costs. At more than $300 per month, there may be some sticker shock when you reach the sign up page, so we’re going to break down those costs in more detail, so you can decide it’s worthy of your hard earned money.

There are also some ways that you can bring down your costs pretty substantial, so we’ll share how you can take advantage of some of their best promos so you can be sure you’re locking in the best price when you join.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how much Nutrisystem costs per day, week and month:

Nutrisystem Plans and Pricing Options for 2022

Nutrisystem currently has three main plans to pick from, as well a new offer called their Partner Plan which allows two people to join at once.

Keep in mind that the prices you’ll see on the Nutrisystem website are often contingent on joining for at least two months – this locks in their auto-delivery discount which is one of the best ways to save on your monthly subscription.

Nutrisystem's three main plans for 2022

Nutrisystem’s prices are different for men and women – the men’s plan includes a bit more food for prices for the men’s plans cost a bit more. Here’s a breakdown of men and women will pay for each of Nutrisystem’s three main plans.

*Nutrisystem’s prices have gone up recently and may change again in the near future – these prices were current at the time of publication:

Nutrisystem for Women Cost

  • BASIC: $9.99 per Day | $279.99 per Month
  • UNIQUELY YOURS: $11.79 per Day | $329.99 per Month
  • UNIQUELY YOUR MAX+: $13.21 per Day | $369.99 per Month

Nutrisystem for Men Cost

  • BASIC: $11.64 per Day | $35.99 per Month
  • UNIQUELY YOURS: $13.04 per Day | $364.99 per Month
  • UNIQUELY YOURS MAX+: $16.61 per Day | $464.99 per Month

Partner Plan Cost

The new Nutrisystem Partner Plan offers a chance for you to sign up with a partner – whether it’s your husband or wife, your partner, or just a friend, there’s nothing like going through a weight loss journey with someone else by your side. In fact, some research suggest that partners can lose up to 20% more weight than going at it alone [1].

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As you’d probably expect the cost to join the Nutrisystem Partner Plan is double the cost of an individual plan and the cost will adjust depending on if you sign up for the men’s plans or women’s plan. If two men join it will obviously be more expensive than if two women decide to partner up on their Nutrisytem journey.

Price of Nutrisystem for Diabetics and Vegetarians

Nutrisystem also offers two plans for a special diets – a Vegetarian-friendly plan, and a plan that helps people take control of their Type 2 Diabetes.  The Diabetes plans are available in Basic, Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Max+ and are the same price as Nutrisytem’s traditional offerings.

There is just one plan option for vegetarians and it’s the same price as the regular Uniquely Yours plan.

How to Save 50% off Your Order By Signing up for 2+ Months Up Front

You’ll often see ads (including on this site) for Nutrisytem at 50% off. It’s true, you can save 50% off your oder, but you’ll need to sign up for at least 2 shipments up front in order to lock in the savings.

If you decide to cancel before your second order ships out, you’ll be on the hook for an early cancelation fee to be sure to read through the fine print before signing up.

When you reach the sign up page on the Nutrisytem plan of your choice, you should see box on your check out screen that says “Unlock 50% Off”. You’ll want to be sure to check that box so you can lock in your 50% discount.

Here’s what it should look like:

a picture of the Nutrisystem check out page

Once you ticked that box, you’ll have the option for even more savings. You can bring down your total monthly cost, but signing up for an additional month, so as you can see committing to two months saves you 50% off your oder, while making a 3 month commitment saves you 53%:

options for saving 50% or 53% on your order

*At times you may be able to lock in a few extra freebies or additional savings off your order by stacking on a few more promo codes. Check out the latest Nutrisystem coupons here.

Extra Costs with Nutrisystem: Groceries + Dining Out

While Nutrisystem is going to send you almost enough food to make it through an entire month, you should expect some additional costs for buying groceries and eating at restaurants.

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If you sign up for Basic or Uniquely Yours you’ll eat mostly Nutrisytem meals and snacks 5 days a week, and you’ll be on your own to make healthy meals or healthy choices at restaurants two days per week. While there is no exact cost to share, you probably have a good idea what your average grocery bill is so you can sort of estimate what it might cost you to buy meals and snacks for a couple of days per week.

If you opt for the Uniquely Yours Max+ plan, you have the option of choosing between “Most Days Covered” which is their 5 day plan, or their “Fool Proof” plan, where Nutrisystem will send you 7 days worth of meals and snacks every week.

The Fool Proof Plan costs a bit more, but you will also have to buy less food at the grocery store so that’s something to factor in at well.

Either way, I’d suggest budgeting an extra couple hundred dollars per week to cover your grocery costs and other eating expenses.

Final Tips for Picking the Nutrisystem Plan That Fits Your Budget

There are a number of options you’ll have when it comes time to join Nutrisystem. Ultimately, it’s going to come down how much money you want to commit to your weight loss, and how much weight you have to lose.

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If you’re looking for the most cost-effective option, then Basic will probably be your best bet. If you have a lot of weight to lose, want the best shot at success, and want access to Nutrisystem’s best menu and food selection, then one of the Uniquely Yours offerings should be at the top of your list.

If you want the best price possible:

  • Commit to Paying for 2 or 3 Months Up Front to Lock in at Least 50% off
  • Make smart shopping choices at the grocery store
  • Use our official link below to check out their latest savings: