How to Lose Weight Faster on Optavia

There’s more to the OPTAVIA diet than you might think.

With a panel of doctors and scientists offering valuable insight regarding every meal’s nutritional value, you can boost your metabolism by just eating right. Unlike most other diets, OPTAVIA can also allow you to keep and build lean muscle once you follow an exercise plan that matches your health requirements and lifestyle.

Every meal option on Optavia’s menu comes with numerous minerals and vitamins to help maintain nutritional levels. And the best part is that you get to pick a weight loss meal plan depending on your lifestyle.

But if there’s something else you could do to help shed off the excess weight, what would it be? Most folks who succeeded in achieving their weight loss goals will agree that the journey involves more than the diet you follow.

So, how do you lose weight faster on Optavia? Are there any useful tips?

How Do You Get Faster Weight Loss?


First, you need to understand the basics: how exactly do you achieve faster weight loss? There are two key ways of weight loss. They’re restricting calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure. In general, it would be more effective to combine the two methods.

Regular exercise is the best way to increase calorie expenditure. But, there are a few issues with this method. For starters, it’s a slow method of weight loss. And this is because burning calories is difficult. Exercise might even increase appetite in certain individuals.

Burning several hundred calories may also demand an extensive workout for at least an hour or more, which leads to fatigue with minimal results.

As such, restricting dietary intake becomes more crucial. There are many methods of restricting calorie intake such as lowering total daily calorie consumption, intermittent fasting, using medications to suppress appetite, etc.

Among these methods, reducing total daily calorie intake is the healthiest way. But, you should also increase the consumption of micronutrients to protect against nutritional deficiencies.

It’s exactly what Optavia tries to establish.

Achieving Faster Weight Loss With Optavia Diet

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You already know that limiting calorie intake can help with weight loss. That said, planning a low-calorie diet is demanding. As a result, most companies are now offering all-inclusive meal plans.

For instance, Optavia has a few low-calorie meal plans. Because health specialists planned these meals, they’re usually low in calories but rich in micronutrients.

This diet program was initially created for people living with obesity, as well as diabetes. But, it’s not necessarily for diabetes patients. That means even overweight or obese people can utilize Optavia diet plans for quick weight loss.

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It’s also worth mentioning that the Optavia weight loss diet may also aid in reverse glucose intolerance – a condition present in almost all obese people. Besides, you can also enjoy numerous other health benefits with this diet.

Low in carbs, but rich in healthy fats, and lean protein

Optavia meal plans are usually low in carbs and quite loaded with healthy fats and lean protein. Optavia fuelings are an essential element of each diet.

These fuelings are rich in probiotics and proteins but low in calories. And this means that the Optavia diet focuses on a liquid diet, as well. Such a diet might also help with gut microbiota and motility. Additionally, it may boost your metabolic activity.

You typically get two options for weight loss with Optavia. First, it’s an 800-1000 calories daily diet, which is ideal for faster weight loss. It consists of 1 lean meal with greens, 5 daily fuelings, and no snacking. Generally, this diet form can achieve quick results because of extreme calorie restrictions. Nonetheless, such a diet might be difficult to practice over the long run.

If you want a less challenging diet, the Optavia “5&2&2 plan” is the best option. This plan has calories of around 1300-1500. It consists of 2 meals with greens and lean meat, 5 daily fuelings, and 2 healthy snacks daily. One of the best things is that it may help fight hunger prangs. It may also be better for your general health in the long run.

Are there tips you could use to achieve faster weight loss?

Our Top Tips for Helping You Lose Weight Faster on OPTAVIA

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Once you incorporate the following habits into your diet plan, you’ll reach your target weight sooner than you expected.

1. Regular Exercise Will Help

You must have seen this coming! The advice to use a treadmill once in a while will always be relevant. But why? Nothing works significantly better with a diet plan than a consistent workout regime.

But, this doesn’t mean you need to be a regular member of your local gym. And neither does it need you to overwhelm yourself. Perhaps the thought of exercising in front of strangers usually creeps you out? If so, why not work out closer to home?

There are also no rules that claim that you have to perform high-intensity training that will make your guts turn.

The reality is that you have a plethora of options when it comes to picking the most appropriate workout for you. To give you a rough idea, below are some common exercises that don’t need to be part of a gym.

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Walking

You’ll realize that most of these activities sound like much fun. The point is to pick an exercise that you feel comfortable doing. Then, create your schedule to make it a habit. So, rather than asking which workout will aid burn the most calories, consider which activity will be much easier to follow in the long term.

2. A Reliable Support System

Your Optavia Coach will always be there to help you be motivated and stay on track, so don’t worry about this too much! They will always be glad to walk you through your fitness journey and will be a lifeline when following your diet.

Nobody can always be happy and motivated! Our natural human condition makes us cycle through different emotions. Simply put, there will be moments when you don’t feel that motivated to follow your diet or even stick to your workout routine. These days are inevitable, but they can also be dangerous. Skipping a single day can quickly result in giving yourself the remaining part of that week a free pass.

You need to be prepared when these low days strike. Creating a support system is one of the best ways to prepare. Do you have friends, family, or co-workers with similar health goals? Then, why don’t you make it a team effort? It always helps to have another person around to keep you motivated, particularly on days when you do not think you can follow the plan.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Do you take sleep for granted? You might fail to notice the significant impact that proper sleeping has on everybody. That’s right! There’s a reason why healthy folks spend 1⁄3 of their lives sleeping, primarily because it’s integral for maintaining balance.

For instance, do you know that your body repairs and builds muscle tissue whenever you sleep? What about “resetting” the brain to be fresh for the following day?

From your wake-up mood to how the rest of the day goes will be associated with how good you sleep.

The same concept also applies when you’re trying to lose weight faster on the OPTAVIA diet. When you give the body adequate time to rest and rejuvenate, you’ll restore a valuable balance. That means when you wake up, you’ll most likely feel confident about your health choices. And the best part is that you’ll feel motivated to continue with the good work.

4. Be Proactive

The greatest achievements in life began with small steps. Although the digital era has made people much more demanding about obtaining results quickly, small things may eventually lead to substantial changes.

You should try to stay active during times you normally sit or standstill. For instance, if your work needs a lot of sitting, then why not consider standing some of the time? When you’re conversing on the phone, try walking around while you converse? When watching TV, get up and run in a particular place for 1-2 minutes every hour. Park further away from your workplace or store, and take the stairs rather than the elevator.

Once you combine all these little things, and you keep at it, you’ll eventually reap the benefits. Don’t forget that your body never stops working, meaning it will always respond to whatever you’re doing. And simply because you’re not on a football field or in a gym doesn’t mean you can’t be active.

5. Program Your Inner Voice

When making critical life changes, your inner voice is the most powerful asset you got. It might even be the reason why you’re dealing with weight issues in the first place. Therefore, if you take some time to evaluate how you speak to yourself, is it demeaning or motivational?

Well, this matters!

If you’d like to succeed in your weight loss journey, you must program your inner voice to become a positive tool in your life. However, when you crucify yourself over every detail, you’re bound to fail and feel worse afterward.

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As of now, acknowledge that you’re your worst enemy! And always keep this in mind whenever you think about giving up. Because the only person who can overcome the enemy is you! No other person can tell you what you should feel or how you should feel it.

6. A Mindful Lifestyle

As previously stated, weight loss involves more than the diet you choose. Other factors and elements are going to affect how much weight you cut down and when.

So why not take this chance to be more mindful about your decisions? For example, think about how the things you drink and ingest react once inside the body. Do you also have habits that could be considered unhealthy, such as smoking or drinking alcohol?

If you’re serious about achieving faster weight loss on the OPTAVIA diet, take a closer look at the decisions you often make. Are they benefiting your present level of health? Or are they making things more challenging?

Final Thoughts

Understandably, you desire to lose weight quickly. But understand that there are both good and bad ways of doing this. You also need to know that losing weight excessively within a short period can be quite a shock to the system, and this isn’t a good thing. Instead, focus on losing your weight healthily, even if it takes a bit longer.

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