Beyond Body vs Noom: Tips for Picking Your Perfect Diet

Losing weight is a common goal of many. At the same time, many think it’s an unattainable goal. Unfortunately, the prevalence of obesity in America is extremely high. In fact, it reached 42.4% in 2018 [1]. With obesity rates so high and the negative implications that come with it, it’s become an epidemic of sorts. Obesity is the greatest risk factor for the development of heart disease and many other preventable diseases and conditions [1].

If you have a desire to lose weight, but you think your goal is out of reach, you’re not alone. Traditional dieting has proven to be ineffective for many. The problem, they lack sustainability. Many cannot follow a traditional diet as it requires too much discipline and they are inherently designed to be short-term.

Luckily, many companies have introduced new programs and products to improve the traditional diet. They’ve made dieting much more practical and sustainable in various ways. Two of the best companies to change the way people diet and lose weight are Noom and Beyond Body.

Both of these companies take a unique approach to helping members lose weight. A lot of traditional diets have many faults. One of them is taking a cookie-cutter approach to dieting. Not everyone has the same body nor the same goals.

Likewise, they don’t have the same preferences when it comes to food or exercise. By removing the cookie-cutter approach and making it more personalized, the experience is much more sustainable and practical for the average person.

By the end of this comparison of Beyond Body and Noom, you’ll know which of the two is right for you.

Noom vs Beyond Body: Comparing Their Approach to Weight Loss


1. Noom’s Approach

several screenshots of the Noom app on my iPhone

Noom claims they are “changing the way the world thinks about weight loss.” They take a science-based approach to weight loss. They also leverage personalization to optimize their diet program for its users.

  • Personalized Coaching

One of the biggest things holding a lot of people back from reaching their weight loss and fitness goals is a lack of direction. A lot of diets give you a plan and leave you to implement it on your own. With Noom, you never lack clear direction.

Instead, you get a personalized coaching experience that will ensure you are pushing forward towards your weight loss objectives and goals at all times.

Personalized coaching delivers you actionable objectives and accountability. Both of these things are needed to experience success with your weight loss endeavors. However, for those that don’t want personalized coaching, you get to choose the type of support you want.

  • You’re In Control

Noom improves the traditional dieting approach by letting the dieter remain in complete control at all times. You need to be in control when it comes to your weight loss efforts. Otherwise, you won’t take ownership of your successes or failures. Not being in control is also unsustainable. Therefore, you’ll find yourself hopping off your diet more often than not.

With Noom, you decide how much time you spend on the app and you don’t get told you cannot enjoy that piece of chocolate. Instead, you get educated on different foods and how they fit into your weight loss goals. You won’t be given a list of good and bad foods. Instead, you’ll receive the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions.

  • Easy Tracking

One of the main things you need to do to achieve real weight loss is track everything you do. This can be tedious, difficult, and time-consuming. A lot of people fail to lose weight because they have no actionable intel on how many calories they are taking in and burning. To lose weight, you need to be putting your body at a caloric deficit.

This is hard (if not impossible) to do if you aren’t actively tracking what’s going in and what you are burning. With Noom’s app, you get everything handed to you on a platter. You get access to Noom’s tools that will keep you in complete control over your progression. You can enjoy weight logging, food and water tracking, step counting, and more. All of this will give you the data you need in real-time to make better decisions.

2. Beyond Body

a personalized Beyond Body book with workout tips

Beyond Body is a “personalized wellness” program. They claim to have created an algorithm alongside professional nutritionists and engineers to write a personalized book from a short quiz. This book will optimize a diet and lifestyle program for your goals, habits, personalize, lifestyle, and more.

  • Everything Completely Personalized

Beyond Body is an extremely enticing plan for anyone that is looking for a better way to lose weight. After all, they don’t deliver you a one-size-fits-all approach to your weight loss journey.

Instead, they take all of the information you give them and they craft a personalized and tailored plan to improve your chances of sticking with it and seeing success. They tailor a meal plan to your diet goals and use ingredients that you love. This makes it much more likely you stick with your diet rather than stray from it over time.

Even the educational content is personalized to fulfill your unique needs and your interests.

  • Plenty of Education

A big reason a lot of people fail has to do with their limited knowledge on how to lose weight. Beyond Body solves this by providing its users with plenty of actionable information and education on how the program works, how to live a healthy lifestyle, and more.

Many don’t follow through with their diets because it’s unsustainable and they are forced to make too many sacrifices.

Beyond Body makes it easier by allowing you to lose weight without having to make the same sacrifices with an optimized diet and wellness program tailored to your specific preferences.

Is a Coaching App or Personalized Wellness Book More Your Style?

Noom’s Coaching and App


  • Clear Direction

One of the greatest strengths of Noom is the clear direction and guidance it provides. With personalized coaching, you get actional and tailored advice to improve your performance and to keep you accountable. Having a clear direction is a must for a lot of people that struggle with following a diet and plan.

  • Accountability

As mentioned above, many need someone to hold them accountable. This is what you get with Noom with a coach there to hold you to following through with your objectives and goals.

  • Weight Loss Made Easy

With the tools that you get access to with Noom’s app, you have all of the ammo in your arsenal to achieve your weight loss goals. Not having the information about the calories you are consuming and burning puts you at a significant disadvantage.

While you can find some apps that do this, Noom is an all-in-one app which makes it much more likely you’ll stick with it.


  • No Specific Meal Plan

One of the downsides to Noom is not having a specific meal plan that you follow. As mentioned, Noom doesn’t put you into a corner and tell you what to eat and what to avoid. This may be a good thing for some, but it could turn a lot of people off. If you need more clear direction and you want a much more traditional “here’s what to eat” diet, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

  • Expensive

Noom has a lot of tech behind it. Because of this and because of the personalized coaching you get, it can be very expensive compared to some of the other options out there.

Beyond Body


  • Personalzied Book

Having a personalized book that delivers actionable information to help you lose weight is a great experience. It gives you so much information that you can use to make better decisions and to keep you inching toward your weight loss goals.

  • One Time Payment

You don’t have to worry about signing up for another subscription. You pay a one-time fee for the book. That is unless you want the Assistant app for tracking and other features.

  • No Major Changes

Beyond Body focuses on helping you lose weight and reach your weight loss goals without forcing you to make drastic and unsustainable changes. This ensures that you sustain the program and you don’t quit. A lot of people quit the diet and weight loss programs because they aren’t sustainable and are only designed to be followed short term.


  • No Tracking Unless You Pay For It

You don’t get to track your progress if you only opt for the e-book variety. If you want app tracking, you’ll need to pay for it.

  • Lack of Video Instruction

You don’t get access to videos for workouts. You only get pictures within your book.

Customer Reviews: What People are Saying About Beyond Body and Noom

Noom Customer Reviews

  • Easy-to-Use App

People love that Noom delivers one of the most intuitive and feature-packed apps available. If you are someone that loves technology and leveraging its power of it to improve your life, the Noom app delivers.

– Personalzied Instruction

People also love that it delivers you personalized instruction by giving you access to personalized coaching. Many people fail to achieve their weight loss goals because they don’t get the personalized instruction they need.

  • Accountability

Being held accountable is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track. Without accountability, you can find yourself straying away from your diet and weight loss program. Having someone there to hold you accountable increases your chances of success and people generally love that about Noom.

Beyond Body Customer Reviews

  • Love the Personalized Book

A lot of people love that you get a personalized book tailored to your preferences. Having a tangible book that you can read and follow makes it much more enticing for a lot of people. Having something that was designed and curated specially for them makes them feel like they have more attention being delivered to their needs. This increases their motivation to follow it.

  • No Major Changes

Beyond Body emphasizes providing you with a program that doesn’t force you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle or diet. This is something a lot of customers rave about because it’s much more sustainable.

Pricing Comparison: Deciding Which Option Fits Your Budget

  • Noom = About $60 per month (cheaper with annual plans)
  • Beyond Body = $40 (one-time fee not including extra for the app)


You Should Consider Noom If…

  • You Want Personalized Coaching

Noom delivers you personal coaching for a personalized experience. You will have a personal coach assigned to you who will be there to offer you support throughout the entire experience. This can increase your chances of success.

  • You Want The Best App Tracking

Noom has one of the best apps for tracking your fitness and wellness data. If you are a data-driven person, Noom offers the best tools for you.

  • You Want To Be In Control

If you want a diet and wellness program that puts you in the driver’s seat, you’ll love Noom

  • You Don’t Mind Paying a Subscription

If you are willing to pay a subscription to keep you on track with your wellness goals, you won’t mind Noom’s pricing structure.

  • You Want Motivation

Noom gives you access to coaching, support groups, and more. Therefore, you can get the help you need to keep you held accountable and on track.

You Should Consider Beyond Body If…

  • You Like Books

What better way to get your fitness plan than via a personalized book? If you enjoy books, you’re going to love the way Beyond Body delivers you an actionable and personalized weight loss plan through a book.

  • You Don’t Want To Pay For a Subscription

One of the major selling points of Beyond Body over Noom is the lack of a subscription fee.

  • You Want Personalized Lessons

Not only do you get a personalized meal plan and guide, but you get personalized lessons on how to continue leading your healthy lifestyle without making sacrifices you’re unwilling to make.

  • You Want Unique Routines

Beyond Body does a good job of mixing things up to keep you interested daily.

  • You Want Your Plan Reviewed By a Nutritionist

Every book is reviewed by a professional nutritionist. This ensures that you are adhering to a weight loss plan that’s good for you.