Nutrisystem Hearty Inspirations Review: Their Best Meals Yet?

Losing weight is difficult, but made easier with the help of a proven weight loss management system like Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem has been around for nearly 50 years and has countless success stories [1].

These success stories have one thing in common.

That is, they followed the Nutrisystem plan and maintained consistency with their weight loss efforts. Many fail while on diets because they don’t adhere to a proven weight loss plan consistently enough.

This can be due to several factors.

For one, they don’t have the time necessary to plan out meals. Two, they don’t have the knowledge or expertise to come up with meals that give them balanced nutrition, good-tasting foods, or the freedom to indulge.

This is where the Nutrisystem weight loss system shines.

Nutrisystem has a lot to choose from when it comes to food options. They currently have over 160 menu choices and each one of them is nutritionally balanced and geared to helping you lose weight. Perhaps none better than Nutrisystem’s brand new protein-packed Hearty Inspirations.

What Are Nutrisystem’s Hearty Inspiration Meals?


As mentioned previously, one of the biggest points of failure for many when they are looking to lose weight is the inability to stick to their diets. The temptation to eat out at restaurants and enjoy their favorite meals proves to be too much to handle. With the years spent working with people looking to lose weight, it’s easy to see why Nutrisystem developed this new line of dinners.

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The line features some of the most popular restaurant-style meals. Not only are they tasty, but they are designed to be high in protein. Studies show that increasing protein intake can help people lose weight. This is primarily due to the protein being more filling which can reduce appetite.

This can keep you from needing to snack in between meals.

My Favorite Hearty Inspiration Meals?

1. Red Pepper Chicken And Pasta Saute

a prepared meal of Red Pepper Chicken And Pasta Saute

Who doesn’t love a good saute? Nutrisystem wanted to deliver restaurant-quality meals with their new premium Hearty Inspirations line and they did with this one. The Red Pepper Chicken and Pasta Saute is an excellent dinner that’s both hearty and filling.

The main star of the show is the char-grilled chicken breast that is cooked to perfection. It’s also got cavatappi pasta which is both delicious and fun to eat. The sauce is one of the stronger points of this dish.

It’s tasty and full of flavor.

Both the grilled roasted red peppers and the asparagus add a good and crunchy element to the dish giving you that stir-fry enjoyment. The dish is not only one of the tastier menu options available in their new line, but it also comes with 26 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and only 390 calories.

This makes it a dish that is sure to satisfy your hunger cravings and keep you from having your hunger spike shortly after.

2. Grain Crusted Pollock With Vegetables

a plate of Grain Crusted Pollock With Vegetables

This one delivers everything you would want in a convenient Nutrisystem meal. Not only does it feature cold-water Alaskan pollock as the star of the dish, but it’s breaded in 10 different grains too. Along with this, the dish is loaded to the brim with healthy and hearty vegetables. After eating this meal, not only will you be satisfied, but you’ll have plenty of fuel to keep you going.

It’s perfectly portioned and it delivers a good amount of healthy fat because of the Alaskan pollock. The crispy crust of the fish certainly delivers a great experience.

You can prepare this meal in under 7 minutes in the microwave, and you’re ready to enjoy!

It’s easy to see why all of the reviews on the Nutrisystem site rave about this dish. It’s easily one of the best of the bunch.

3. Cajun-Style Chicken and Shrimp Saute

a plate of Cajun-Style Chicken And Shrimp Sauté

This is a meal Nutrisystem truly knocked out of the park. The meal delivers everything you could want in a traditional surf-and-turf. Nutrisystem managed to nail the flavors that bring out the best in both the chicken and the shrimp. The creamy and Cajun-inspired sauce sets the dish off.

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It’s not something you would expect to get in a meal that’s meant to help you lose weight. It’s rich and full of flavor. Some reviews do note that the sauce lacks flavor. If so, you could always add some hot sauce to give it more of a ‘kick.’ Best of all, the dish is packed full of protein.

You get 24 grams of high-quality protein and long-grain rice for a good amount of fiber. The dish won’t leave you feeling full, but it also won’t pack on pounds. At only 350 calories, you’ll have no problem fitting this meal into your diet.

4. Beef Lo Mein

my dinner of Beef Lo Mein

If you’re someone who cannot get enough of one of your favorite takeout dishes, beef lo mein, you’re in luck. Nutrisystem has delivered an exceptional beef lo mein that will curb your takeout cravings for good.

This meal is full of flavor and it’s very filling. Both of these things are what Nutrisystem set out to do with their new line of Hearty Inspirations.

The meal features Asian-style noodles and tender strips of beef. These things are tossed in with a bunch of crunchy snap peas, broccoli, mushrooms, and crispy peppers. All of this is tossed in both soy sauce and toasted sesame oil and delivers the kind of taste and flavor you would expect from your favorite Asian restaurant.

What’s more, it’s packed full of everything you need to keep yourself from overindulging. It has a good amount of protein at 21 grams, and 6 grams of fiber. While the fat is on the high side at 11 grams, it only has 360 calories.

How Do These Meals Help You Lose Weight?

Based On Science

These meals were scientifically curated to help you lose weight. Nutrisystem develops all of its meals based on science. These meals are designed to help keep your blood sugar levels under control as this has been proven to be effective for weight loss [2].


Likewise, they are also designed with convenience in mind. All of these meals can be prepared in the microwave in under 10 minutes. No more using the excuse of not having time to prep healthy meals. You can prep and cook the meal in less time than it takes to order delivery.

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Satisfy Your Cravings

A big reason a lot of people fail with their weight loss efforts is not sticking to their weight loss program. Unfortunately, the majority of weight loss programs are unsustainable diets. Meaning, they are designed to end at some point. They are typically very restrictive and impractical. Nutrisystem designed its weight loss program to allow you to indulge by making your favorite foods healthier. This ensures that you don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods. This makes it more likely you’ll stick to your weight loss journey.

Where Can You Get The Hearty Inspirations Meals?

Nutrisystem offers two distinct ways you can get these meals.

  • Ordering A La Carte

Nutrisystem allows you to order meals individually. This is good if you want to try out specific meals. It’s also a good option for those who have already lost weight and who just want to maintain a healthy diet. Adding Nutrisystem prepped meals can be an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Meal Delivery Program

Nutrisystem is most effective when used as a weight loss solution. They have fully tailored plans that will give you all of the help you need to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Not only do you get access to ready-to-go meals and snacks with the base plan, but if you opt for the other plans, you get access to weight loss coaching and more.

Their personalized meal delivery weight loss plans will give you access to their delicious Hearty Inspirations meals. With the plan, you’ll get the meals conveniently delivered right to your doorstep to assist you on your weight loss journey.